Replacing Output Shaft Oil Seal
Many thanks to Icelander for help in this write up :)

Remove front sprocket cover and drive sprocket, you will need to either remove the chains split link (If fitted) or drop the rear wheel spindle to allow the chain to be removed from the front sprocket. As you can see from the picture below the garter spring within the seal has bulged out of it's seating and pushed out the retaining circlip.


To remove the old first remove the circlip using circlip pliers, if you don't have these then get a set as doing the job without the proper tool is likely to damage the new seal.

Next obtain a  couple of screw as shown below and screw them carefully into the seal, just far enough so the old seal can be pulled out evenly.


As you can see the old seal pops out very easily with the screw attached, pat yourself on the back you've done the hard bit.
Clean the seal pocket with brake cleaner.

Now wrap the countershaft with tape to protect the new seal when it goes in.

 OK we should have mentioned this earlier but you will need a new seal lol, part number as below....91205-MBN-672 if your struggling to spot it !!!
 Now your ready to fit the new seal, you will need some seal grease...once again clean the output shaft very well, smeared it with a thin layer of grease....

A good even layer is all it needs; not to little and not to much.

 Slide the seal carefully over the output shaft and start to locate it into the seal housing.
Now you simply need to tap the seal into the housing using a suitable socket which is big enough to fit over the output shaft but small enough to fit into the housing, don't hit it to hard lightly tap it till the seal is all the way home.

Finally using your nice shinny circlip pliers replace the circlip, we suggest the clip open ends are left facing upwards as dirt can collect if its installed at the bottom. Also worth noting that the circlip  has a smooth side and rough side, this is from the manufacturing process; we would recommend installing the smooth face against the seal.


Replace the sprocket, this fits with the teeth IN the round part out, and the retainer clip also only goes on one way, and yes there is a sharp edge and round out please!

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