Greasing Headstock Bearings
The following guide is for the greasing the headstock bearings, these are guidelines only and if you are unsure of any part of the procedure please consult your motorcycle dealer. cannot be held responsible for any damage or lose from following these instructions.

Ideally your bike needs to be on a decent well supported centre lift stand as the front wheel needs to be clear of the ground to drop the bottom yoke & stem. This is my bike shown and its fitted with the US headlight and a digital trip computer but these instructions should apply for any version of headlight/Speedo etc. My bike is a 2002 model and I don't think the bearings have ever been touched before; was surprised to find them in such good condition.


Remove the headlight and disconnect the wiring to the bulb holder.


Disconnect the Speedo cable


Using a 30mm ring spanner slacken and remove the top headstock nut (anti-clockwise) it is tight but nothing a bit of muscle won't shift.

 Once slightly undone it should come undone with your fingers.... remove the nut and washer
Next using a 12mm socket/spanner slacken the top fork clamp bolts and remove 1 from each side doesn't matter which 1 top or bottom. Don't touch the bottom fork clamps !!!

Next screw the removed bolts into the top clamp from the opposite side; now using a couple of pieces of steel slide these into the gap and tighten the bolts onto them, this will press on the opposite side and open the fork clamps very lightly so the top clamp can be lifted off.



Now the top yoke can be lifted away, exposing the stem nut; it won't go far due to the cables etc but you don't need a lot of room.

You will need either a "C" Spanner or a suitable punch to slacken the nut (anti-clockwise)  it won't be very tight mine undid with very little effort.
 Before removing the nut completely it's worth sticking a block of some sort under the front wheel as this will drop down once the nut is off its thread.

With the nut removed the headstock will simply drop away this is why you need the block !!! You can now see the lower bearing, you won't need much space to re-grease and the bearing cage will spin around so getting the rollers greased up is a doddle.


Now you can use whatever grease you like on your bike but I am sticking with a general purpose LM grease, some may feel the need for water proof grease but that's your bike doesn't get wet.


Applying the grease to your finger first is the easiest way, and using your other hand you can spin the bearing around and let the grease rub into the rollers.

Moving to the top bearing this just lifts out as shown, note there is a seal above the bearing.
With the bearing out clean the seal and then apply your grease to the top bearing, bit messy.

Place the freshly greased bearing back into the top outer race; followed by the seal.

Make sure the seal sits flush with the top of the frame.

Tricky part and a bit hard to explain but you need to lift front wheel assembly upwards or carefully lower the bike downwards to engage the stem into the top bearing without knocking the bearing or seal out, don't worry if you do just make sure everything is engaged fully before putting the bottom nut on. Once your happy everything is back as it should be screw the bottom nut all the way home and then you will need to tighten it with your "C" spanner or punch, tighten down till it goes firm but keep checking the handlebars turn freely and don't bind or appear loose. Then once your happy you can place the top yoke back over the stem and put the washer on first followed by the top nut and tighten. Remove the 2 bolts holding the top yoke  clamps apart and reverse these and tighten don't over tighten these as you either crack the top yoke or pull the threads out.

As with any bearing replacement/service they should be checked after riding to ensure that all is well and excessive play hasn't developed due to the bearings settling in.

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