Second Hand Parts
Overland Tanks & Exhaust System
These were made by Overland Solutions, one tank holds 13L of petrol, the other 13L of water or both petrol if needed. Comes complete with an exhaust system, we have spoken to Overland Solutions and they have said they would need the bike two weeks to make a set because they are totally bespoke and they were made for a guy who crossed Australia. Please ring or email for prices etc.
Front Mudguard Rack
Excel Wheels with Talon Hubs 600 + Postage
Braking Super Moto caliper; had very little use, in very good condition
Genuine XR650R indicators 2002 onwards In good used condition 50 + Postage
Bobbins for XR650 SuperMotos; One set black one set white 25 a set + Postage
Genuine UFO tool bag in good condition 20 + Postage
Honda XR650R seat covers, we have a few different sorts, Blackbird, Monnier and Genuine Honda 15 - 25 + Postage depending on condition and which one.
Polly Sport white hand guards as new condition Best Offer + Postage
Ego hand guards, used and battle scarred but these are 100 plus new 35 + Postage
Acerbis back light, used it on one of our bikes bike for about 5 minutes 20 + Postage
Black Ego hand guards used and battle scarred cost over 100 new 35 + Postage
Black Acerbis hand guards used and a few marks Best Offer + Postage
Standard original XR650R mirror These are big and ugly but probably the best mirror you will ever use on an XR 10 each + Postage
Air box, snorkels and restrictors Don't know why anybody would want one of these, lots and lots of new ones Open to offers + Postage
Head Lights, Acerbis, UFO, and other after market headlights. Genuine Honda XR650R USA specification and also European specification. CRF450X headlights Starting at 20 + Postage
10 sets of radiator; some are in good useable condition other absolutely immaculate from a brand new 2007 bike 35-60 Per Side + Postage
Genuine XR650R chain guards, items Starting at 10 each depending on condition + Postage
Bash plates/sump guards Original Honda Start at 20 each depending on condition + Postage
3 sets of tag T2 bars, powder coated black 2 sets 800mm Enduro 1 set 770mm SuperMoto All in excellent condition Strongest bars you can buy, cost new 95 a set Selling for 30 a set +Postage
Engine and parts, we have got three engines for spares, cranks, barrels, heads, clutches, gear boxes, drive shafts, engine panels and all them parts that are a pain trying to get hold of. Always open to offers on all parts
High pressure rad hoses, we wouldn't really call these used as they had been put on a bike and had pictures taken of them followed by a quick ride to test the hoses up to temp and pressure. Mainly only used for picture. There are 4 sets, CV 4's in Yellow, ASI's in Yellow, SS Performance in Yellow and Samco In Red. All these in as new condition
CRF450XR Headlight, single beam headlamp, 2 wires, has been used off road so not new 60 +Postage
Genuine Honda twin headlight with frame, frame as a small scrape on it. This is a Baja style headlight and will need brackets making up. 65
Used "Braking" wavy disc, comes with braking calliper mount.
Braking wavy 320mm front disc, used but in good condition. we have 2 of these, one floating, one semi floating
XR650R crank, very good condition. Came from bike with damaged crank case. Everything is lovely and tight as it should be and half the price of a new one.

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